A list of my published credits:


“Ghosts of Dissent” — A cop wrestles with his past as it collides with his present– now available in America’s Emerging Lit Fiction Writers (2019) from Z Publishing

“Unusual Circumstances,” now available in America’s Emerging Horror Writers: The Plains States (2019) from Z Publishing. Read an excerpt:

In three days, my “it’s complicated” friend Matty is busing in. I can’t believe he agreed to come all the way to this shithole of a town. I’m just happy for a little breather from my family.

Dad’s heart has really been giving him trouble. I should feel bad for trying to escape, but I can’t help feeling how I feel. I had a life in Lawrence. I was making friends. I was actually enjoying the ‘oppressive limits’ of that reality.

Sometimes, I wish dad hadn’t moved us here in the first place. All that surplus energy really changed him. I mean, sometimes it seems like the people here are backward hicks. But they’re nice enough. They just don’t adjust well to new people. They’re too paranoid for their own good. I guess I understand.

Guess he thought he was doing his best to build a future and a business.

Still . . . I’m just worried. Matty’s presence might be . . . disruptive.

The Girl with the Headphones,” Z Publishing’s Texas’s Emerging Writers (2018)

Seeking Mr. Anon,” Squawk Back May 2014

It’s Always Raining Somewhere,” Squawk Back May 2014

“Dating, Post Industrial,” The Yahara Journal 2010

Read an excerpt from “Dating, Post-Industrial,” now part of my book of short stories, The Colossus of Rhodesville:

…On the bright side, if there is one to this situation, at least the location has a certain post-modern charm.

Here we are sprawled across steel composite hood, surrounded by concrete and metal, halogen lights humming melodies above us, traffic lights painting a Technicolor glow around us as the final auburn rays of sun breach the horizon, caressing our slight frames. For one brief moment nature’s beauty frames humanity’s abominations, before abandoning us to our nocturnal technocracy. There’s a certain poetic ring to this moment.

Christ! I sound like some sad-sack jerk off who wears fresh-printed ringer tees of old products and watches reruns of TV shows no one ever liked so they seem ironic; someone concerned with their hipster quotient. No, I take it back. I sound even more cynical and pretentious than the lot of them. Here I am, looking for poignancy in a parking lot. I have no right to mock anyone’s need for happiness, their need to make a connection. That kind of thinking pulls me down into a Schadenfreude undertow.


1300 Miles: A Homecoming JourneyFear and Loathing meets On the Road in my autobiographical, surrealistic road trip. Check it out as it comes together on Inkshares.


“Boring Conversation Anyway,” Sorin Oak Review, May 2014

“A Way with Words,” The Sorin Oak Review, May 2014

Evolution on a Stanley Measuring Tape,” Black Heart Magazine, October 2013

Sentinel,Boston Poetry Magazine, August, 2013

Literature Unspoken,Boston Poetry Magazine

A Letter to Myself (circa 2002),Boston Poetry Magazine

Where I Am,” Boston Poetry Magazine

Remember Those Flames on the Western HorizonThe Bitchin’ Kitsch

December Figurines,” BurningWord #63

“Winter,” Under My Bed, 2012

“A Glorious Day To Be the Living Dead,” Under My Bed, 2012

“Gilded Memories,” Under My Bed, 2012

“Doomsday Love Affair,” Under My Bed, 2012

“Opacity,” Inkstains and Heartbeats, 2012

“Bait,” The Yahara Journal, 2010

“Locust Summer,” The Yahara Journal, 2010


The Thing in the Kitchen, screenplay for a short film by Troy Peterson. September 2014.

Also, take a look at some of the short fiction on my blog.