Hydra Captain America Recruits A Marvel Movie Killer

Which Marvel favorite joined the ranks of HydraCap’s elite “counterterrorist” forces? Find out in my Screen Rant article…

Hydra Captain America Recruits A Marvel Movie Killer


Is Captain America a Good Leader?

Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

The politics of fascism (for some reason, I wanted to say “dancing.” Stupid ’80s childhood) aren’t really up for debate. However, as the once-hero switches gears and sides, remaking America in Hydra’s image, are his tactics and leadership skills actually effective? My politically curious take-down of Marvel’s Secret Empire explores Steve Rogers’ abilities to lead. What do you think?

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Is Captain America Actually a GOOD Leader?

Is Captain America Marvel’s Greatest Villain?

image courtesy of Marvel Comics

The latest run of Captain America turns him into a formidable adversary for the Marvel Universe. As the Secret Empire event dawns, Steve Rogers could prove to be one of their greatest villains ever? Check out my full article at Screen Rant

How Captain America Became Marvel’s Greatest Villain