Freelance Writer at Large.


Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Andy L. Kubai now lives in Austin, Texas with his patient fiancée Kim. His articles appear regularly on Screen Rant, and once flourished on Looper, Grunge, Cinema Thread, Mapquest: Parachute, Time Warner Cable Central, We Got This Covered, Bitter Empire, and GeekSnack/GeekReply.

His fiction and poetry have been featured in The Sorin Oak Review, Black Heart Magazine, Squawk Back, Boston Poetry Magazine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, Burning Word, and Z Publishing’s Texas’s Emerging Writers anthology (order here), among others. Andy earned a BA in Creative Writing from St. Edward’s University and watches the clouds in his imaginary free time.

His first book of short stories, The Colossus of Rhodesville, is currently seeking publication.

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