GeekSnack Articles

These articles originally ran on GeekSnack (now GeekReply) before their site reformatted:

5 Hidden Horror Comic Gems

Smart Movies for Weekend Viewing

Wyrmwood Has a Place Among the Zombie Hordes

Will a New “X-Files” Series Find the Truth and an Audience?

Ghostbuster 2016 Vs. Ghostbusters 1984 – Are We Ready to Believe Again?

“What Happened to Monday?” Deals with Real Life Hunger Games

Why I’m All About Ash Vs Evil Dead

8 Comic Books in Danger of Censorship

What Star Wars Fans Want from the New Films

Which Franchises Still Excite, Which Are Played Out?

Preacher Pilot Begins Filming for AMC

How Facebook’s Algorithm Influence Your News

Ending the Superhero Gender Gap

“iZombie” is Fresh Brains for the Half-Dead Zombie Genre


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